Coronavirus (COVID-19) – We’re Still Working!

We are still functioning despite these very worrying times; none of us has ever had to face a global situation like this in our lifetimes and uncertainty is one of the most stressful elements to this pandemic.

Wey Group & APC staff are designated as “key workers” providing an essential service as we are delivering food, pharmaceuticals & cleaning products etc.

Following the positive response from the government last night, I felt it was essential to reach out to all our customers to reassure you that we are fully functional, several members of our team are now working from home, this number will increase during this week to maintain their health and the service levels to our customers:

  • UK Overnights can still be booked online through the New Horizon portal, if you do not have your credentials please contact us requesting you be set up or a reminder be sent.
  • UK Sameday, the fleet is fully operational, Mike, the senior Sameday controller has the necessary resources to make any essential delivery to keep supplies moving, call 01932 345 345 Option 1 or by using our contact form.
  • International shipments are running to some destinations but as this situation is changing by the hour, please check we can fulfill your requirements before booking by using our contact form.

With a very volatile set of circumstances, we will do our best to maintain the best levels of service possible but from time to time we may experience delays or service interruptions but rest assured, we will do our best to keep you informed and your goods moving but please be patient.

Our fleet of couriers are all very keen to maintain the supply of all goods but we would ask that when you receive a delivery, you clearly give your name so it can be recorded but we will not be requesting signatures either on paper or ePods. Please maintain the minimum 2 metre distance.

If our courier is collecting from you, again please obey the basic “rules” please keep your distance from our courier, 2 metres is the minimum, please leave the goods accessible so the courier can easily collect them, couriers will not be signing for collected items but will provide their name or call-sign for your records if required.

Let’s try to keep the UK moving important supplies safely!

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