Wey Group/APC Fully Operational But Please Note Some Minor Temporary Changes

As you can probably imagine, we are very busy making home & business deliveries for all the supplies that the public are unable to purchase in their local shops, added to this many people are trying to minimise social contact by shopping online.

In an attempt to prevent the UK Overnight Hubs, Network, Depots & Delivery Drivers becoming swamped, and to protect everyone in line with the Government’s directives, several temporary changes to the UK Overnight Service have been introduced with immediate effect:

  • Collect From Depot – To prevent footfall into depots, we have suspended the collect from depot option across the APC Network. If you send goods out for collection by an engineer or your customer from an APC Depot, please change this so the recipient’s delivery address is used instead
  • Drop-In to Depot – If you drop into Depot, please do not enter the building without permission, make yourself known and follow the directions of Depot staff at to where to leave consignments.
  • Delivery Re-attempt extended to 3 attempts – Where a delivery is attempted and is initially unsuccessful, two further attempts will be made to complete the delivery before goods are returned to sender.
  • Suspension of Live Fish & the Movement of Bees – These services have been suspended on the Overnight Service but a Sameday option is still available by telephoning 01932 345345 Option 1.
  • Suspension of Same Day PURS- next day booking only – Pick Up Requests are for next day collection only and cannot be booked for same day collection.
  • Suspension of 09.00 Delivery Option – This is already in place but will be re-introduced as soon as possible.
  • PODs on Delivery – The need for a signature or electronic rendition has also been suspended across all services, not just UK Overnight, recipients will be asked for their name and this will be recorded by the delivering courier, but contact will be avoided.

We are accelerating the number of the team who are working from home, by the end of this week Accounts, Sales & Customer Care will all be home-based but still available to assist, contact by email direct to the individual or department is recommended.

If you need any consumables, labels, bags etc, please order these ASAP so if there is a delay in the supply chain, you won’t be caught out.

Sameday Control will also be run remotely but we have significant resources to ensure that any collection and delivery that may be affected by some of the service changes mentioned above, can still be carried out, in fact Sameday is running pretty much as normal, 01932 345345 Option 1.

If you are working from home, please make sure we know from where we are collecting, also, please make sure that you add the “Ready At” & “Close At” so we don’t miss you at the collection address.

Best regards, remember to keep your distance, please stay safe & well!

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