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Celebrating VE Day, the WGI Way!

With the upcoming bank holiday being this Friday, 8th May, many people will be looking forward to a well-deserved long weekend break, although that may not be hugely different for many! With this in mind, for those still working and sending International & Overnight consignments, we would like to remind you of our operating hours during this Bank Holiday.

We will be taking a well-earned rest on Friday, and putting our feet up and raising some bunting for the VE day celebrations. As such, the Depots & Network will be closed for collections, deliveries and drop-offs on Friday 8th May. Our latest cut-off time for delivery for Saturday or Monday will be tomorrow, 7th May, so we would recommend getting any last-minute consignment orders to us so we can ensure a smooth delivery to your customer. We anticipate that the next few days after this, the Monday evening for Tuesday delivery will be particularly busy within the network, so where possible, it may be prudent if you can delay any consignments, particularly those with a very short shelf, and send them a day or two later. Please contact Customer Care if we can assist and make your life easier, ensuring goods have a smooth transition to your consignee, we are here to help! We are open as normal on Saturday, 8am to 12midday, and resume normal operations from 7.30am on Monday.

VE Day is celebrated as a monumental culmination of the collective forces of several nations, in search of a peaceful future. We honour the lives of those that fought tirelessly to ensure that others do not suffer. VE Day came as the result of months of planning, debate and acceptance between countries, men women and children around Europe. We celebrate the push towards freedom and liberation. Whether we celebrate through gathering together and honouring past family members, our collective bonds, or through social distanced street parties, celebrating the collective whole as a nation, we look to the spirit of this, who under the clearing of danger, banded together and danced, sang and kissed knowing that they were free from the incessant fear of invasion.

We look to this as a metaphor for the worries and troubles of the modern family home, where we may forget our neighbours and families in the daily trudge. We can look at this in perspective to the current worries we have today, the silent fear of an illness that has taken lives, and brought uncertainty to those around us. Whilst we cannot embrace our neighbours, we can look to join in and stand at our homes, raise bunting and sing, celebrate in our gardens, and remember those from a distance. Whilst we will not have the celebrations they deserve, we can make these our own, and embrace the fun and celebration of those whose voices didn’t come home to the songs of victory. We can sing for those lost in their battle with Coronavirus, we can sing for those who have lost loved ones, as the people did 75 years ago. We honour not only the dead, but the living, which came back to applause and fanfare. We remember, because we must not forget those brave men and women.

Wey Group work to ensure that all who are currently on the front line of this virus are supplied with the goods that they need, whether that is supplying PPE goods from suppliers, transporting goods from hospitals to other facilities or ensuring that the consignees of goods, who are unable to travel due to safeguarding and shielding, are kept safe and well. We honour those in these roles to ensure that they do come home, that they can embrace their families and continue to do the remarkable work that they are doing. We will sign with our neighbours to show solidarity to these men and women that risk themselves selflessly to ensure that the country does not fall foul to this. This has turned from a crisis, to a winning battle. We wish to keep this going, in their honour.

If you do get a chance to sing or raise a prayer for those in the VE day push, whether that was family members or just those unknown, we also ask that you raise one for the people fighting the current battle in our everyday lives. We at Wey, are honoured to celebrate VE Day, and show our appreciation for those who fought, and are still fighting.

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