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Wey Group has been working hard to provide new and innovative services to our customers during the uncertainty of this extending pandemic. With there being no sign of a letdown in the stringent rules imposed for the safety of the country, people are becoming increasingly reliant on us and the network to be able to provide an impeccable service and continue to be a stalwart distributor of goods.

The current and ongoing outlook of this crisis is that this is looking to be a marathon in terms of recovery, rather than a sprint. The update from the Government is due shortly, and the terms that will be outlined are hazy and unpredictable, much like the general uncertainty for all that are currently abiding by the guidance of our country. The NHS have stepped up valiantly during this pandemic, and continue to work tirelessly to keep everyone well and reduce the curve. We offer great thanks to all those working on the frontline of this invisible threat.

With the likely potential of an additional three weeks of lockdown to ensure the country is well-prepared and at a reduced risk of experiencing a second wave of this virus, people are planning ahead to ensure stocks are available for essential services. Our next day delivery policy brings comfort to those who need a reliable and continuing service for their customers. We as a company are looking ahead to ensure that we can continue to match, and where possible, exceed the standard of many of the depots within the network and continue to shine as a trustworthy service for those who require it. We understand the hardships that many of our consignees and customers are facing, and are keen to aid wherever possible.

We understand that this is becoming increasingly more difficult for many who have been affected, either directly or indirectly by the virus. We have placed many of our staff in their homes, to ensure that they are able to provide the best service and keep safe; we have, where this is not feasible, introduced staggered start times, provided PPE and offered adaptive measures to ensure that those in our depot are safe. Whilst these are parameters that we as a company cannot control, we bolster our resources and prove resilient to the additional measurements put in place, and continue to provide the trusted service we always have.

In addition to our safeguarding and social distancing measures marked by the team,  we have been working with our IT team and the HUB to implement our new website, simplifying our booking process for those looking to send consignments to Ireland, and reducing the tariffs for consignments where possible.  We are coping extremely well with the swell in our general parcel intake, sourcing new drivers and training staff in effective self-isolation In these troubling and uncertain times, we are very pleased to give you some good news!

Along with our new and vibrant website refresh, we have just launched our New Rates & Services to Ireland – both the Republic & the North! We have compiled a simple guide on the Customer Care Documents & Forms Download Centre ready for you to view or download. Please note that when booking the Road Service, the postcode needs to be substituted by the Service Code, ranging from RD1 to RD4 depending on the required Delivery Zone. You can enquire with us to find out what service code you require for your destination.

Thanks to our streamlining process, the new rates are very attractive and easy to select by breaking the two areas into Zones, it makes the service selection much more straightforward than the previous tariffs.

Express & Economy Road services are available to North & South of the border. As with all deliveries, there are restrictions on some commodities travelling via the Express Service that are imposed by Airline restrictions but this is also where the Road Service come into its own! Whilst the service is a little more leisurely, it does allow for a wider range of commodities to be sent to your customers.

For further details, please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Care or Sales teams. Even with the majority of our workforce working from home, they are still available to assist in any way they can. Stay tuned as we roll out more information and updates in the next few days!

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