Head Office is now back to work!

Head Office is now back to work!

We are pleased to announce that since the 8th June, our Customer Care team has settled into a controlled return to Head Office and this has been carefully managed so that the CC Team, can avoid the Office & Warehouse areas when they are at their busiest, generally from 07.00 up until 09.00, Monday to Friday. To maintain “contactability” the team members are staggering their arrival times so that the phone lines are covered remotely whilst the remaining agents are commuting, we are still closely monitoring the flow of calls and requests to try to keep the best balance so that enquiries are answered promptly but please remain patient, as with any plan, the issues often only come to light once it is actually being tested! If calls are not being answered promptly, please email with your enquiry or request a call back.

As we all try to feel our way into a new way of working, I would like to remind you that all delivery networks are totally reliant on the health & welfare of their staff, particularly the “frontline” couriers who have kept the supply chain moving over the last few months.

The pre-09.00 Service is currently suspended across the Network. Due to the volatility of the current situation, it is still not possible to make claims for late deliveries. The timed delivery options for Saturday service is still operational, although Saturday collections from Depots should be confirmed with the specific Depot in advance.

Until there is an effective vaccine, it is very likely that many people will work and study from home, this suggests that the significant increases in home deliveries and the overall number of consignments travelling through our Hubs will still remain higher than the seasonal norm, if you have the option to despatch perishable goods later in the working week & avoid a Monday despatch, this could help mitigate any Hub delays. The delays we have experienced are simply due to the sortation window being finite and with a limited number of staff able to work safely together in any Hub or Depot situation delays of 24 hours, occasionally more, cannot always be avoided, the number of shipments that we are still delivering on the expected day remains very high but this is of little consolation if it’s your time-sensitive delivery that is delayed.

For truly business critical, local & London consignments, our Sameday service is still working well and is available 24/7 anywhere in the UK on 01932 345345 Option 1.

There are many useful documents and sections contained within our new website, everything from our International & Domestic Track & Trace, Import Booking Form through to a Commercial Invoice template & our T & Cs, we are adding to it all the time.


Our Colnbrook depot is now OPEN!

We have been planning for this day pretty much since we furloughed the building, initially, we will not be using it for our own couriers, in this way, we hope to minimise the risk of contact with our staff or other customers.

We ask that all drivers delivering in, to observe the queuing system and when their turn comes, reverse onto the doors, making sure that the unloading doors are unlocked then we ask that drivers maintain the two metre distance, wear masks & if they are handling the shipments, gloves too, and allow our warehouse staff to unload & segregate the freight.

Please make sure your staff are aware of our requests, mutual safety is paramount. I’m afraid that there can be no access to the building for non-WGI or APC staff so even the loos are out of bounds!

There are a couple of bits of the jigsaw we need in place before we can confirm 100%, we are keeping a close eye on updated government instructions & guidelines and if anything changes, we will let you know immediately. If you have any operational questions, please direct to Steph McHugh, Operations Manager but as always, both Lauren & I will be around to help.

If more convenient, consignments can still be dropped into Byfleet, check out our website for addresses & maps for both facilities: https://wey-group.co.uk/contact/


International changes and additional news

Along with our domestic freight, we have had a few updates regarding the COVID 19 and our international partners. At the beginning of the current pandemic outbreak, we were hit with Covid19 Coronavirus related surcharges by the consolidators we use for much of our International Express Delivery shipments, we have held off passing this on to you, our valued customers, but with no apparent end to either the pandemic or the surcharges, we have no alternative but to temporarily add these to our charges, the surcharge is 25p per kilo and will come into effect immediately.

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