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Christmas & New Year 2020/2021 Availability Schedule

To enable you to plan with your deliveries and collections, please see our Christmas & New Year 2020/2021 Availability Schedule. You will note the U.K. / Domestic availability is complete, but International Services dates are to be announced. We are currently awaiting data from those airlines which will be operating over this period, and hope to send out a further schedule as soon as possible. If your business will be open over the festive period then it is important to refer to the schedule to avoid delays and disappointment in sending out your consignments. 

DaySamedayCollection AvailabilityDelivery AvailabilityInternational Availability
Wednesday, 23/12/2020Normal ServiceNormal ServiceNormal ServiceT.B.A.
Thursday, 24/12/2020Normal ServiceNo collection serviceNormal Service till 2pmT.B.A.
Friday, 25/12/2020Limited ServiceClosedClosedT.B.A.
Saturday, 26/12/2020Limited ServiceClosedClosedT.B.A.
Sunday, 27/12/2020Limited ServiceClosedClosedT.B.A.
Monday, 28/12/2020Limited ServiceClosedClosedT.B.A.
Tuesday, 29/12/2020Normal ServiceNormal ServiceNormal ServiceT.B.A.
Wednesday, 30/12/2020Normal ServiceNormal ServiceNormal ServiceT.B.A.
Thursday, 31/12/2020Normal ServiceNo Collection ServiceNormal Service till 2pmT.B.A.
Friday, 01/01/2021Limited ServiceClosedClosedT.B.A.
Saturday, 02/01/2021Limited ServiceClosedClosedT.B.A.
Sunday, 03/01/2021Limited ServiceClosedClosedT.B.A.
Monday, 04/01/2021Normal ServiceNormal ServiceNormal ServiceT.B.A.
Tuesday, 05/01/2021Normal ServiceNormal ServiceNormal ServiceT.B.A.

To assist in a smooth service through the busiest period we have put together some useful tips below.

We are aware that during the Christmas period you are more likely to send goods that may be a little out of the ordinary for your business, Christmas hampers being one example. To limit confusion and upset, we have completed a guide on how to package different goods to avoid damage which you can find below. If your goods contain wine, please remember to select ‘liquids’ under the item type tab when booking. For any high value items, you can add additional insurance cover by ticking ‘increased liability’ (ILC) and filling in the goods details. Regrettably, certain restrictions do apply, including items such as glass cannot be covered by our insurance. For further information on increased liability please do not hesitate to contact customer care.

It is advisable to be aware of severe weather warnings when sending perishable or extremely time-sensitive goods. Severe snow in any part of the country, particularly around main carriageways and near our sortation centre in Birmingham, can cause delays that affect the rest of the country. If you are concerned about potential delays, it is a good idea to speak to our team before sending the goods so they are able to offer realistic advice and guidance.

If you find that you have to complete more bookings than usual and you are not over familiar/integrated with our system, an easier option could be to upload the orders via a spreadsheet. If you have not done this before, please contact our Sales Team who will be happy to talk you through the process. Please rest assured that we endeavour to accommodate for any surplus in freight over this period. Therefore, if you have a considerably large amount of orders to collect (that is out of the ordinary for your business), it is helpful to pre-alert us to ensure we allot adequate van resource for you.

Please note that whilst our Overnight service maybe closed our Sameday service will be active throughout the entire festive period. Pre-booking this service is recommended. For further information please click on the link below:


Should you be unsure of anything we have not touched on in this notice, or if you require further assistance, please do contact our Customer Care Department or Sales Department and we will be only too happy to help.

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