Sending Goods Overseas

International Sanctions and Sending Goods Overseas Can I send a parcel to Belarus? Wey Group International prides itself on flexibility and being able to overcome logistical barriers that some of the larger courier providers are unable to do. Due to WGI’s customer focus business model, extensive knowledge, and contacts in the international courier community, they …

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Brexit Update

Just in case you had forgotten about the B word (that’s Brexit), by ignoring it and hoping, I’m afraid it didn’t go away, it’s here and about to conclude with all the changes that will bring, particularly if you are a business and you ship goods abroad. There are bound to be modifications along the …

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Sameday Delivery

Working from home

The idea of working from home is of course not new. Over the last decade there has been a rise of interest in adopting a telecommuting work-style, unfortunately for us this was a rather abrupt change and a necessity rather than an option. Obviously, with any drastic and (arguably) sudden adjustment there will be more …

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